Flower of the beach

Bikinville is a luxury swimwear brand based in Italy designing and creating handmade swimwear and beach dresses of various designs and colors in limited quantities.

Its name is inspired by the combination of two words: “bikini” and “bouganville”, the flower symbolizing passion, beauty and attraction.

Those are the main values that Bikinville is bringing to the world in its mission to make every woman a true flower of the beach!

Limited edition beachwear

All our swimwear and beachwear, created each season in just a few pieces per model and color, can be distinguished by the meticulously elaborated details and use of the top quality Italian fabrics.

The golden flower of bouganville, embellishing the bottom part of our swimwear, is a symbol of our dedication to the top quality standards and sustainability.

Bikinville design pays the tribute to the female's beauty uniqueness making our pieces absolutely versatile for any occasion.


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